1) GAB Robins appraisal department has extensive experience in providing insurance appraisals for virtually every type of property, and is considered the leading insurance appraisal provider in the southeast marketplace.
2) Our appraisers have in depth experience with Florida Statute 718 and the National Flood Insurance Program guidelines, which enable us to provide our clients the most accurate estimate for hazard and flood coverage.
3) Our appraisal division consists of tenured people of no less than ten years construction cost valuation experience, and are Certified Construction Inspectors.
4) All GAB Robins insurance appraisals include thorough site inspections, utilizing construction plans whenever possible. If plans are not available, our experienced appraisers are invaluable by properly determining square footage and identifying building component construction.
5) A detailed report, including digital photographic gallery and thorough analyses are provided for each property.
6) GAB Robins utilizes data from two tenured national construction cost gathering companies. Quarterly construction cost data updates insure current cost information. Estimated values are cross- checked for reasonableness with local architects, engineers, general contractors and developers in area in which the property is located.
7) GAB Robins maintains a complete database of every insurance appraisal valuation performed on be- half of our clients. This data will be available on demand.
8) GAB Robins utilizes state of the art contact or data information software and technology, which allows maximum client serviceability. A response time of 24 hours or less is provided for any insurance valuation question, and we provide a 24-hour online e-mail service.



There is little doubt that obtaining this appraisal was one of the most sensible things this club has done from a financial point of view. The appraisal confirmed our worst fears and we were obliged to adjust a number of our values, somewhat substantially in a number of instances. The danger of losing underinsured facilities is a nightmare no club manager or Board of Directors wishes to even contemplate.

We expected the worst when we eventually came to renew but, to our very pleasant surprise, our premium increase was nowhere near what we had been told to expect. There is little doubt that the appraisal played a big part in this and we are most grateful to GAB Robins and Gulfshore Insur- ance for their valuable guidance in this most important exercise."
-Tony Dumas, GM, Kelly Greens Golf & Country Club, Fort Myers


"The name GAB has been well known in the insurance industry for many years, used for adjusting claims by all the big name Insurance Companies throughout the world. GAB is now also known for their property appraisals. A combination of both services comes down to one simple fact- if your client has a loss, and arbitration becomes necessary, who else but GAB would be a great arbitrator- a professional, well known and respected adjusting Company, and the Company which did your appraisal. What a winning combination for the client- GAB!"
-Ralph Avery, Avery & Associates, Inc., Boca Raton

"For many years, GAB has consistently provided our clients with a professional, detailed, yet concise value appraisal that focuses in on the necessary information. Their timely response and accurate reports have proven to be an asset to the clubs and the insurance industry."
-Rob Papp, Senior Vice President, Palmer and Cay, West Palm Beach

"Following on the tragic events of 9-11 last year, our club was advised to expect, and make financial provision for, a very substantial increase in our hazard and liability insurance premiums. Horrific estimates of anywhere up to 100%, and possibly as high as 200% were being thrown around with wild abandon.

As one can imagine, this caused us to start taking a very hard look at our levels of insurance coverage. I personally came to the conclusion that, in a number of respects, we were woefully underinsured, predominantly due to a very recent extensive renovation and the addition of new facilities. I met with our insurance broker, Brad Havemeier of Gulfshore Insurance in Naples and together we decided that a professional appraisal would be advisable. Our broker recommended using GAB Robins and we did so. The fee we paid was, in my opinion, more than reasonable. Quite apart from insurance issues, the report is most useful in a number of respects. It is extremely detailed and informative.

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