Property managers know the value of Mhaving all the properties they manage insured to the correct value. But how can you be certain that each property has the proper level of insurance coverage? Additionally, in the current insurance marketplace, many managers are finding it more and more difficult to place properties with carriers without an insurance appraisal.

Obtaining a GAB Robins Insurance Appraisal is your solution. A GAB Robins Insurance Appraisal will:

  1. Provide you with accurate replacement cost values for which to insure your properties.
  2. Fulfill your fiduciary and due diligence responsibilities by obtaining a third party, unbiased report of values.
  3. Assist you in placing the property coverage with a carrier by providing documentation underwriters need to write coverage.
  4. Provide cost data documentation to expedite the resolution of a claim in the event of a loss.

For further information, and a free, no-obligation bid proposal, call 800- 248-3376 ext. 379 today. Be sure to ask about our insurance agent discount program.

"There is little doubt that obtaining this appraisal was one of the most sensible things this club has done from a financial point of view."
-Tony Dumas, GM, Kelly Greens Golf & Country Club, Fort Myers

Who Needs Insurance Appraisals?


Master Associations
Time Shares
Country Clubs
Golf and Tennis Clubs
Hotels and Resorts
Medical Buildings
Retail Stores
RV Resorts
Bed and Breakfast Inns
Commercial Buildings
Office Buildings
Schools and Universities
Theaters and Museums
Strip Malls







What is an Insurance Appraisal?

In basic terms an insurance appraisal is a replacement cost analysis that provides an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance required to replace each structure and amenity insured exactly as it stands on the date the report was prepared. The insurance appraisal for residential properties within a flood zone should provide both hazard and flood values. Separate values are provided as the insurable values for flood coverage are higher than for hazard. The reason for this difference is that for hazard coverage most insurance companies do not include the foundations or unit interiors. FEMA, which regulates most flood coverage policies, usually recommends the inclusion of unit interiors and foundations in the insurable value.

It must be noted that the values provided in our appraisals are guaranteed to be accurate at the time the report was produced. Our reports utilize construction plans for the improvements and labor and material costs specific to the properties location. Subsequent renewals of coverage should be based upon updated reports, due to the changes in labor and material cost for the area. An updated report can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of the original, generally $250-500, provided there have been no structural changes to the property.

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