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Our reports include all facets of club operations, such as the clubhouse, pro shop, golf cart barns, halfway houses, bridges, fountains, tennis courts and swimming pools, irrigation systems, lift stations, replacement of greens, tees, equipment and fixtures, etc.

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Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has years of experience in appraising schools and colleges. We have appraised all sizes of education facilities from entire school districts, to universities and private schools. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division will insure you have current and accurate replacement cost values to set your insurance policy coverages.

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Unsure of what all should be included in your church appraisal? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our experienced appraisers will include all structures and components which are to be insured. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division will insure you have current and accurate replacement cost values to set your insurance policy coverages.

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Residential Communities

Our reports address the needs of condominiums, home owner association, mobile home parks, apartments, and residential properties ranging from single family homes to large estates, etc.

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Commercial Buildings

Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has appraised all types of commercial buildings such as office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, shopping centers, medical offices, YMCAs, banks, theaters, museums, hospitals, chemical companies and much more.

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Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division specializes in insurance appraisals and reserve studies for hotels, resorts and timeshare developments. Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division will insure you have current and accurate replacement cost values to set your insurance policy coverages as well as a funding plan for the future through our reserve studies.

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Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has been serving our clients for over 40 years.

For over a century, Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has achieved excellence in quality of service, product and personnel to all our clients throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Our Insurance Appraisal, Reserve Study, and Content Appraisal division constantly works toward maintaining this high quality of excellence. You, our clients, deserve nothing less.

The sole function of our valuation division is to provide accurate insurance appraisals, personal property/equipment appraisals and reserve studies for our clients. We provide sample reports on this site because we believe that each prospective client has the right to receive complete information regarding our products in order to make an informed decision when choosing to have Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division provide their reports. In viewing the sample appraisals and reserve studies provided you will note the depth, scope and detail of our reports. Our appraisals and reserve studies are the most complete and accurate reports available in the market. This is why our appraisals are universally accepted by all insurance carriers.

Services We Offer

Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has over 40 years of extensive experience providing services
for just about every type of property. We offer three types of reports:

Insurance Appraisals

An insurance appraisal is a replacement cost analysis which provides an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance required.

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Personal Property Appraisals

A content appraisal is a valuation of personal property as well as machinery and equipment.

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Reserve Studies

A reserve study is a budgetary planning tool that identifies a property’s necessary major repairs and/or replacements.

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Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division is a CMAA Gold Member.

CMAA Club Solutions Provider

Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division has performed insurance appraisals, personal property appraisals and reserve studies for literally hundreds of country, athletic and yacht clubs as well as golf facilities throughout the United States. Because of our vast experience and the quality of our reports, the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) has recognized Sedgwick | Valuation Services Division for our expertise and are proud Gold Partners.

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Is your building properly insured for a total loss?

Sometimes it seems that every time we listen to the news someone has suffered a catastrophic loss. If you live in Florida you automatically think of hurricanes and pictures of Katrina, Andrew or the like come to mind. For those living in California, one remembers catastrophic losses due to earthquakes, fire and mudslides. If you live in the Midwest, tornados may come to mind. It is evident that catastrophic losses, be they hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, explosions, tornados, and flooding can happen in all parts of the country. Many of these occur on a large scale basis, affecting numerous properties at the same time. The most important precaution that needs to be taken is making sure you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of a loss.

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